My East Side Storytellin’ Adventure with Lilly Hiatt

East Side Storytellin' Group

Lilly Hiatt, Chuck Beard, Tom Eizonas, Reed McMillan, and Chance Chambers. Photo courtesy of East Side Story.

Chuck Beard is an unparalleled supporter of the written word, music, and art in Nashville, Tennessee and beyond. In addition to owning East Side Story bookstore in East Nashville, he twice monthly hosts a live show called East Side Storytellin’, which features a writer and musician or band.

Last week, on Cinco de Mayo, I had the honor of sharing some of my words on the same show that featured Lilly Hiatt, a stellar songwriter and singer who inhabits a musical realm of Nashville not always immediately noticed by tourists and Music City enthusiasts. It’s a place I call home—sonically, lyrically, and otherwise. Chuck has a real talent for pairing just the right artists for these shows. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to share the spotlight with Lilly.

Much thanks to Chuck and everyone for the opportunity to be part of such a great event. I had an absolute blast. The only nod to the victory at Puebla was a pitcher of margaritas courtesy of Emily Beard, but other victories were celebrated—namely the sharing of words, music, and friendship.

Here’s a link to a very nice recap written by Chuck, which includes a link to the recording of the show:

East Side Storytellin’ 59 with Lilly Hiatt and Chance Chambers

The next East Side Storytellin’ is on Tuesday, May 19, at 7 PM at The Post East and features writer  Matthew Leavitt Brown and musician Dewveall. Check it out! You and your artist soul will be glad you did.




  1. Hey CHANCE! WOW! What a great time You had! i am so happy for You, and the other members of the Poetry community to have this “Chuck Beard” guy to come along and create such a cool event! i hope to be down there sometime in June, maybe we could have lunch?……..c

    1. Thank you, Curtis! Yes, we are very fortunate to have Chuck. He’s a great guy.

      I would love to get together for lunch. Just let me know when.

      Looking forward to catching up!

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