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Most of those visiting this site probably already know me pretty well. In case you don’t, I’ll try to offer up something of an introduction.

My name is Chance Chambers. I’m from a small town in West Tennessee called Paris. Yes we have an Eiffel Tower, but it’s quite a bit smaller than the first one. I’ve lived in Middle Tennessee since 1985.

I write from time to time and especially enjoy trying to capture those perfect moments that life brings to us – anything from a delicious meal to dancing in a parking lot to Otis Redding. I’m inspired by the optimism of counter-culture movements of the last century, but also Cold War weary and post-millennium punch-drunk. While it might seem that this mixed state would leave me nothing but nostalgic, hopeless and cynical, it turns out that I find myself seeing the beauty of the world in new ways, looking through different eyes than I did when I was younger. As a result, I’m inspired, hopeful and often surprised.

So, welcome to my latest blog. Take a look around. Leave a message if you’re so inclined. I love hearing from people. And thanks for stopping by.



  1. i believe Your Dad would be so proud of You. For me this one is ‘Special’. Perhaps we can share an “Absinthe” someday. i have not had a taste of it but once, at a bar in Munich, Germany. i still recall it fondly……..c

  2. Thank you, Curtis. That means a lot to me. I would love to share an absinthe and some time again with you. You’ve always been a very good friend to me and for that I am so grateful. I hope all is well with you and Di and I hope we can catch up in person soon.

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